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Remodelling & Upgrading

Existing & Proposed Remodelling Visualisation...

See below for an example of how subtle alterations can be made to bring a course up-to-date...

We are experts in the field, with a great deal of experience in upgrading all types of courses from the historic to the championship.

The process begins with a thorough analysis of the existing circumstances and conditions, assessing the problems and options for improvement. A survey of the course will be required, either remotely, using aerial views, or on the ground with GPS equipment.

Remodelling & Upgrading of Existing Courses:
  • At the design stage, ideas and options are developed with the Club or owner, to produce a scheme with suitable budget costs and a programme of works allowing minimal dsiruption to course and play.
  • Work is monitored and managed if required, normally in conjunction with the Club project team and maintenance staff.
  • We recommend the development of a complete long term strategy for the golf course, which gives a coherence and co-ordination to the future development, and retention of the essential elements of the course layout, golfing experience and character.
  • As personnel changes within the Club management, the overall concept and targets are not lost, if such a plan is in place.
  • Execution of the work needs to be accurately planned for speed and minimal disturbance to the course, especially if play is to carry on whilst the work is underway. Support may be required from our consultants to help the maintenance team adjust to new surfaces or techniques.