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Project Management

In order to fully realise our designs, we strongly recommend that our Consultants are made available on-site to translate both design and technical aspects to the full. We prefer to make provision for regular site monitoring visits at key stages of the shaping process. It is essential that the plans and specifications are supported on site by further input from a representative of the company, to ensure the maximum quality of the project.

SITE MONITORING - DESIGN TEAM - The design process normally includes an agreed number of visits to check on site conditions and progress. Once construction is underway, members of the design team make periodic visits to monitor progress.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - We can place a project manager on site to co-ordinate, to monitor the budget, trouble-shoot and liaise with the client and other bodies.

We have project managers with experience in all climates, a wide range of site types and situation, and machinery or labour-orientated construction methods.

INTEGRATION - CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE PHASES - Our maintenance specialists visit during the later stages of construction to ensure continuity with the aftercare stage, reducing problems and costs in maintenance at the earliest opportunity; to check the correct shaping profiles for mowing, soil decompaction methods, sub-surface systems, turf growth and so on.

LABORATORY ANALYSIS - The materials used in the construction process must be regularly checked during construction, to check on the conformity of both source materials and mixes, as in the case of rootzones for greens and tees.

A project management specialist is always involved at the pre-contract stage, to advise on the work and cost involved in realising a particular design concept, in a particular country or situation, and also helps keep the budget 'on-line'.