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Planning & Design

The outline routing plan resulting from the inception stage is worked-up into a master plan for the site. From this, each technical aspect is designed in integration with the rest, ensuring that landscaping earthworks, irrigation and drainage are technically sound individually, but also take full account of the co-ordinated functioning of the golf course.

PRESENTATION STANDARD PLANS - Master plan and associated sketch views.

STAKING AND CLEARING PLAN - indicating cleared areas, reference points and setting-out details.

MASS GRADING PLAN - showing recontouring details, haul routes, earthworks schedule, cut-and-fill analysis.

FINE GRADING PLANS - Greens, surrounds, tees, bunkers detailed levels and proposed contours in fine detail.

DRAINAGE PLAN - Including contouring for drainage, swales and carrier system design, secondary drainage system (sub-surface pipes, surface drainage) as required. Pumped drainage, recirculation and aeration can be included if part of the scheme.

IRRIGATION SYSTEM - Details of ring-main, sprinkler layout, valves, controllers etc. Programming details. Water source research.

SEEDING AND TURFING PLAN - Zones of seed/turf/sprigging outlined, with grass species or mix required for each specified.

GREENS DETAIL - All playing characteristics, micro-contouring and special requirements for each green.

LANDSCAPING PLAN - Concept tree, shrub, and flora details shown on plan. Species breakdown, size, & planting method.

BUNKER SCHEDULE - coded bunker plan with bunker type, finish, playing characteristics and maintenance category.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS - All non-civil engineering structures detailed as required and as agreed, i.e. hard-landscaping, revetment, ornamental rockery, etc.

SPECIFICATIONS - All the above aspects are covered in detail with the full specification, bills of quantities, and agreed working drawings. Documentation prepared for tendering or contract negotiation, in conjunction with the Client's legal advisors.

CONSTRUCTION METHODOLOGY - where required, a detailed breakdown of correct construction procedures is given to help ensure quality workmanship and good quality control.