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Consultancy & Supporting Services

Our specialist services include:

  • Agronomy - turf care & troubleshooting
  • Irrigation - design, water use strategy, sustainable systems
  • Drainage - design & hydrology
  • Ecological development of the golf course, GEO Certification management
Staffing & Training

Our course management advisers are able to put together a flexible training programme covering anything from preparation for full management qualifications to on-site training of greens-staff of every level. We can also help to 
locate and train specialist staff for construction work, maintenance, Clubhouse management, and other areas.

Laboratory Services

The basis of certification to international standards of the golf course.  We use the USGA methodology for ensuring quality control from design to maintenance.

Long Term Development & Improvement Plans

It is essential to provide a basis for both the integrity of the original design to be preserved, with the capacity for 
development as the Club or membership changes with time and circumstances. A comprehensive design policy forms a fixed foundation on which integrated development can take place.


  • Landscape design - golf & project wide landscape master planning
  • Clubhouse concept design, golf villas, related buildings
  • Training & professional development
  • Tournament Preparation
Clubhouse & Building Design

Concept design service available through our partner consultant Architects. The course and Clubhouse are co-ordinated with regard to landscaping, layout and traffic flow patterns. Concept design plans with general specifications for materials to be used and so on are normally passed on to a local architectural company for the production of working drawings and full detailing.

Double storey driving range concept for Cosmopolitan Golf Club, Chennai.

Membership & Fee Structures

Assessed and drawn up by our associate management specialists, who include experts in the practical operation of Club, daily fee, and championship level golf courses.

Feasibility Studies

Regional (strategic) or locally based. Normally carried out in 
conjunction with our own associate consultants and local/regional experts. We are 
closely associated with experts in the golf tourism industry.