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New Golf Resort, East Africa

Golf tourism is already well-developed in countries such as South Africa and Kenya, but there are other countries, particularly Nigeria in the west, and Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda in the east, that are actively developing golf in a more modern form.

Traditionally safari-orientated, golf tourism-related golf projects are on the increase, and Hemstock Design are involved in several new proposals for the east of the continent.  The driving force is tourism, with Europeans and South Africans being great travellers to the region, and traditionally golf-orientated. East Africa has a very significant Indian sub-continent connection, and an increasing influence from the Chinese, two countries with a burgeoning golf industry.

The company has a new commission for 5-star hotel-related golf, one of several underway in these countries, but in this case potentially a true links golf course. An exciting prospect for the region and golf tourism.