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Mehta Golf Club - Lugazi, Uganda

Situated west of the capital Kampala, not far from the banks of Lake Victoria, the Mehta Golf Club is a really lovely, scenic golfcourse within a private part of a huge plantation layout.

Having developed from a family ‘garden golf’ background, from the original 9 into a fairly concentrated 18-holes, the owners of this popular course have decided to look at upgrading the golf to a full, top-level 18-holes, reverting back to 9 for the original land area; the garden of a historic old house. The course is frequented by all; from the inveterate travelling golfing Scotsman, to the local natural raw talent, the great and the good of the country, the best Pro’s of the region, the beginners and improvers.

Steeped in history, of a determination to survive and make good in this country blessed with the best nature can offer, blighted with the worst that man can contrive, this is not just golf, it is an experience, for those who care to delve. With a planned 9-hole extension taking the course to true international specification, and an exclusive little resort central area, the Mehta Golf Club is set to become an important and select golfing venue in the East African region.