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Korineum Golf Club, Cyprus

The Korineum Golf Club had a long and convoluted history before Dr Gunay Cerkez of Kormann Construction, Northern Cyprus, took on the project several years ago. On wonderful Mediterranean forest land, with Pines and Olives together with a rich flora and fauna, the golf course has developed with minimum effect on the land form. (Left; site for the 14th hole)

David Hemstock designed the 18-hole course with golf academy and 3-hole 'etiquette-coaching' loop, designed to be enjoyable and testing for golf tourists, and local resident ex-pat and Cypriot golfers. Hotel and Clubhouse concept design (left) was integrated into the layout by Hecate, a French-Lebanese architectural company. Water for irrigation was a problem from the beginning, but David advised on a Paspalum-based strategy to cover the worse-case scenario of either treated sewage water or saline water having to be used on the course for irrigation.

The course is the first on the northern, Turkish side, apart from the tiny Guzelyurt Club, which uses 'browns' rather than greens. The browns are played by switching to bowling slippers when putting, and raking over the surface to re-level periodically.

During the design and clearance stage at Korineum, the political struggle to try to re-unite the two sides, north and south, Turkish and Greek, provided an interesting backdrop, as did the free-for-all land purchase of entrepreneurial developers and foreign investors. David did not monitor the construction process, which was


carried out by the Client's own team. However, some great holes have been formed on the course, with Golf Architecture magazine calling the 13th " of the best in the world". Expert Superintendent Nic Davies, a good friend of David's, previously working with him in Romania, is now upgrading and amending the irrigation and turf presentation of the course, bunkering and other aspects which is set to continue improving over the coming year.

Cyprus is set to develop into a true international golf resort destination in the next few years, with major development and re-development planned in the South as well. David Hemstock has also been involved in concept design work since 1989, on projects near Larnaca, Ayia Napa, and Limassol in the south, Greek side of the island.