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Clube de Golfe da Ilha Terceira

Originated by the golf-loving Americans at the local air-base, this course has developed dramatically with the maturing trees.  Extensive planting of the dense evergreen Cryptomeria japonica, (Japanese Cedar, or Sugi tree in Japan, related to the Giant Redwood) as a windbreak on this gusty Atlantic island, has now given the course a wonderful enclosed, tree-lined set of fairways.

A strategic overview of the course was carried out by David Hemstock to assess options for improvement, and to add a family short course next to the iconic design of the new Clubhouse.  Bunkers in particular are to be re-formed with better faces and shaping, adjusted in position where necessary to match the requirements of the modern golfer, tees adjusted, and the course lengthened through layout adjustments.

As a golfing destination, the Azores may be limited in choice, but are certainly fascinating to visit. A strange combination of Scottish highland, Pennine stone-walled grazing land, and Portuguese architecture, with a dash of sub-tropical flora, a holiday with golf rather than golfing holiday may be the better option, but very well worthwhile.