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Aamby Valley Golf Club, Mumbai

Set in the exclusive and prestige Sahara Lakes City Resort in the Western Ghat mountains above Mumbai(Bombay), this international championship course has been voted the best in India by the Indian Professional Golfer's Association. Set in absolutely breathtakingly vast scenery, and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, it is truly a different world.

Hemstock Design developed several concept plans with Mr Kapil Dev, international cricketer, golfer and Director of Sahara India (Housing) Ltd, before fixing the master plan and taking the course through planning and into construction.

The construction work involved rock blasting, soil carting from the valley bottoms to the upper plateau,and an extensive water storage system for irrigation. The site was originally almost sheet rock, having been cleared over the centuries for rice paddies. Labour was used in preference to machinery wherever possible, since this is considered more 'socially acceptable' in a country where the average wage is low and labour availability so high.

David Hemstock's first major contact in the higher echelons of Indian golf, Colonel S K Sinha, has moved on from the Army Golf Club in Delhi to become the General Manager of Aamby Valley, with Scotsman Stuart Campbell running the coaching and Pro-shop facilities.


The course has become a model for future international developments in the country, but one that will be difficult to mimic given the amazing setting.