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      Date: Nov 22, 2012
     Title: New UK Remodelling Commission...

At times, disentangling an older-type golf course layout on a traditional English golf club can be a difficult and convoluted thing to do. However, luck was with David Hemstock when the Pike Hills Golf Club, which celebrated its centenary in 2004, commissioned him to look at all options for modernising the course, improving the golfing experience, and extending into a piece of agricultural land the Club had bought some years ago. With little disruption to the course, big changes were possible. See the article in this site.

It was surprising what a relatively small block of additional land could do to improve a layout with a couple of 'old-fashioned' crossover holes and some safety issues. A process of trying several variations for use of the new land, improving safety margins, and adding length, was ultimately very productive for the Club, with a range of options open for discussion and implementation in the requires, phased programme.

The golf course is likely to go from the current 6,200 yards with crossing holes and other issues which the committee wanted to address, to well over 6,500 with many accompanying improvements. Developed in a relatively ad-hoc way originally, with no proper designer as such, it is situated on the A64 on the outskirts of the historic city, and is already a very popular place to play. This popularity is set to increase in the coming years, as the course moves gently into a period of significant development and upgrading to modern technical standards.