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Nov 22, 2012  |  Category: General  |  Posted by: admin

At times, disentangling an older-type golf course layout on a traditional English golf club can be a difficult and convoluted thing to do. However, luck was with David Hemstock when the Pike Hills Golf Club, which celebrated its centenary in 2004, commissioned him to look at all options for modernising the course, improving the golfing experience, and extending into a piece of agricultural land the Club had bought some years ago. With little disruption to the course, big changes were possible. See the article in this site.

Oct 17, 2012  |  Category: General  |  Posted by: admin

In the UK, there are many, many older courses, often around 100-years old or more, with bunkering and layout increasingly affected by the longer shot distances that golfers appear to be achieving on a regular basis.

Bunkers become irrelevant due to longer drives, safety margins become less effective, courses become easier. To counter this effect, the company has refined a quick and effective method for assessing the course...

Apr 7, 2011  |  Category: General  |  Posted by: admin

Golf development continues, but with the current economic climate reflected in especially careful assessment of project timelines and budgets.  Our part completed project in south India, Kovai Hills, is moving into the second phase of the championship course construction.  Close by in the hill resort of Kodaikanal, work is beginning on the new academy for Bahri Estates, in line with the lively second-home market there.  Recent remodelling and extension projects in Portugal, Ukraine and north India are moving steadlly toward fruition, whilst in the UK our long-term course upgrading projects continue.